About us

It will come as no surprise that we are proud pet owners here at the Vogue Paws office. In fact, our dog, Penny inspired the idea! While working as an accountant, I would draw and experiment with artistic designs of Penny as a way to feed my creativity. Eventually, the “original” Penny design was created and gifted to my Mother. When I started receiving requests for commissions, I realized I had found a special niche.

We love modern art and clean design here at Vogue Paws and found simplicity worked best for capturing the true personality of pets. It was important to us to collaborate with real artists to offer a high-quality product born from expert hands. So, we’ve chosen artists who have a special touch for finding and capturing the unique character of each pet.

Vogue Paws pet portraits are not only a way to celebrate and express love for your pet, but they are an affordable and accessible way to add high-quality, stylish art to your home or office.