How to Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday

How to Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday

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We love our furry friends, and consider them family members. So when their birthday or the day they came into our lives comes around, we want to celebrate them like any other family member’s birthday. 

Our dogs have no idea when their birthdays are, and the very concept of a birthday must be alien to them. It’s more for us really, that we get to make a day extra special for them. They love treats, toys and play time, but what they really want is more time with us, more attention! 

Celebrating your pooch’s birthday doesn’t have to be over-the-top, nor does it have to cost a fortune. After all, all they want is our attention! Here are a 10 awesome ideas to celebrate the special day of man’s best friend.


Make A Dog Cake

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Of course, the quintessential part of any birthday is CAKE! Lots of dog-friendly cakes are human-friendly too. All you need are some everyday baking ingredients, such as whole-wheat flour, baking soda, eggs, and applesauce or baby food, to make an amazing canine cake. 

Blend in shredded veggies such as carrots for a boost of nutrients and top it with cream cheese, peanut butter or blended bananas. Be sure the peanut butter does not contain xylitol, which can be toxic to dogs. 

Bananas are versatile and packed with nutrients, a healthier alternative to traditional dog treats that can be high in salt or fat. Vitamin A, folate, iron, zinc, riboflavin, and niacin are among the vitamins and minerals that your dog can absorb from snacking on bananas.


Doggy Birthday Party


Plan a fun day out with other doggy friends, at the beach, park, or open your doors wide open for a doggy play session with other furry friends, under supervision of course. 

With lots of treats and toys handy, make sure the dogs have access to shade and water at all times. Make sure to invite only your pooch’s closest pals who they enjoy playing and hanging out with, your pup doesn’t want to share your attention with just anyone! 

Plan a bunch of games for the doggos to engage in together. Dog-friendly games can include fetch, frisbees, hide and seek, tug of war and finding treats. 


Beach Day! 

Beach day

Most dogs love to swim, and swimming is a great way to exercise your dog. Its fun, low impact and keeps them cool on those hot summer days. 

Keep in mind not all dogs swim like naturals. Some dogs with broad chests and flat noses can have a hard time staying afloat and might be more comfortable with a doggy lifejacket

Remember to bring plenty of fresh water to keep them hydrated as ingesting some sea water is inevitable. Rinse pooch off after swimming to rid their coats of any sea water or bacteria that they might absorb when they groom themselves. 


Road Trip! 

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Most dogs love car rides! Bonus points for having the windows down the whole time and singing out loud to the music. 

Many hotels and accommodation choices these days are pet-friendly. Maybe now’s the time for a quick getaway with the pooch, without having to find a pet-sitter. 

Check out nearby towns that you always wanted to see that offer plenty of pet-friendly dining and accommodation options, grab pooch and go on a road trip! 


Movie Night


Does pooch love watching movies? Put on a dog-friendly movie like Benji, Lassie or an animal documentary and curl up with your best friend on the couch for a lazy night in.


Pick A Present


All dogs love toys. Bring your dog to your favourite pet store and let them pick out their own birthday present. They’ll tell you which one they want! 


Go On A Hike


Have you always wanted to check out a new trail but never got around to it? Now’s the time! Exploring a new place is always fun and what better companion can you have than your dog? 

Don’t forget to pack out what you pack in, and bring a bunch of poop bags. Be prepared to move if your dog decides to pee near a water sources.

Does your dog have a pack? A dog pack truly separates going on a casual walk to going on an actual hike. Getting the fit right and your dog accustomed to the pack are the most important tasks. 

To fit a pack, measure the circumference of your dog’s chest around the widest part of the rib cage. Most packs come in multiple sizes with adjustable straps to ensure a perfect fit. After fitting a pack snugly, have your dog wear it empty around the house and on smaller walks. 

As wearing the pack becomes routine, load in a few pounds of weight by loading treats and food until you reach the target weight. As a general rule of thumb, 25% of body weight is the maximum your dog should carry and might depend on age, strength and fitness levels.


Visit A Dog Park

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Dogs are social animals and if your dog is the only pet at home, having canine company might be just what he’s looking for.

A good dog park usually has temperament tests upon entry, ensuring that all the dogs off-leash in the park are well-behaved and socialized. Keep a close eye on the interaction and ensure that the rambunctious play doesn’t get out of hand.


Get A Pet Portrait

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Famous artists like Picasso, Andy Warhol and Charles Schulz have used their dog friends as muses for their artwork. Dog portraits have appeared since men learned to draw in caves! 

A good artist can make their subjects larger than life and bring out your dog’s essence in a stylish, elegant design. Since dogs aren’t very good at sitting still for too long, getting pet art done from a photograph is the way to go.


Doggy Spa Day


For dogs that are well-socialized to be handled by groomers, a day at the spa might be what your pooch they want. For older dogs showing symptoms of age-related muscle and joint aches, a doggie massage by a certified canine massage therapist could be a real treat! 

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