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Top 5 Pet Portrait Gifts for Dog Moms.

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dog mom gift ideas from Vogue Paws Custom Pet Portraits

Dog moms are a special breed. They nurture, love, and cherish their pets as if they were their own children. Their bond with their dogs is unbreakable, filled with endless cuddles, playful moments, and unwavering loyalty. Celebrating these incredible women with a personalized pet portrait is not just a gift; it’s a heartfelt tribute to the love and joy their dogs bring into their lives. A custom pet portrait from Vogue Paws is the perfect way to honor this bond, turning cherished memories into timeless art that will undoubtedly make her year.

Before we started Vogue Paws, I used to make digital paintings of people's pets. The love and praise I received for creating these personal pet portraits was an incredible feeling. Knowing that I had created something special and unique for each customer warmed my heart and gave me immense joy, inevitably inspiring the begining of Vogue Paws.

This was again solidified when I made a special pet portrait for my mom. She had 2 dogs and 2 cats. The minute she opened this pet portrait gift she was in tears. It's possibly the best gift I've ever given. It was from there on I knew there was something special about making pet portraits. It was then that I knew there's nothing like gifting a dog mom a pet portrait.

So, without further ado...

My personal top 5 best Vogue Paws pet portrait gifts for dog moms.

5. The Instant Film Pet Portrait Poster.

Woman standing next to her dog mom gift ideas from Vogue Paws Custom Pet Portraits. Instant Film style print on wall with happy dog and caption written onto instant film that reads "happiest with you"
The Instant Film design is for those dog moms who enjoy a nostalgic feel to their home decor. This pet portrait has a timeless feel to it and always remains en vogue.

4. The Vogue Pet Portrait Canvas.

woman admiring a custom pet portrait on the wall which was gifted as a dog mom gift. The custom canvas print is a line drawn french bulldog personalized pet portrait made from a photo with added personal details like dog name and breed.
The Vogue Pet Portrait is the original Vogue Paws design. It remains one of the most popular designs in our collection to this day. It is the perfect dog mom gift because it will forever remain a timeless look that completes any room of the home.

3. The Film Negative Pet Portrait Poster.

woman holding a print poster of a vintage style black and white custom dog portrait print made from a photo of a labrador. The personalized dog mom gift has the caption "eat. sleep. walk. repeat."
If you know a dog mom with a pet that has a big personality, the film negative design would suit them perfectly. Inspired by vintage movie film negatives, this design is fit for dogs that could have movies written about them.

2. The Noir Pet Canvas.

woman sitting next to a custom pet portrait on the wall. The portrait is a black and white large canvas print of a chocolate labrador, it was made as a pet portrait gift for a dog mom and it is on the wall of her home.
My personal favorite is the Noir Canvas. Developed to give the feel of a professional dog photoshoot, this is the only full canvas print option from Vogue Paws. It will be sure to perfectly convey the majestic beauty of any dog mom's favorite companion.

1. The Parisian Pet Poster.

woman in her home holding a personalized pet portrait gifted to her as a dog mom gift, the custom pet art has the dog's name and a heartfelt message.
Nothing really tops the Parisian pet poster. This timeless classic is so powerful in its simplicity and will be sure to bring any dog mom to tears of joy. It's a unique way to define why our companions are so special to us. Add their name, the phonetic spelling, and a heartfelt definition of what makes your companion remarkable. Dog moms will love this!


Why Get Dog Mom A Pet Portrait Gift?

A dog mom will not only appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort behind such a meaningful present but will also treasure the beautiful artwork for years to come. So, gift her a timeless piece that she will proudly display in her home, and watch her heart melt with gratitude and love. This type of gift will be unforgettable!

Plus, it's no surprise that over 80% of consumers find personalized gifts more thoughtful. On top of this, it's a picture of a dog moms pet, making it an almost guaranteed success and one of the best gifts you'll ever give. It was for me!

Still deciding on a dog mom gift?

Explore the full collection of Vogue Paws dog mom gifts.


dog mom gift ideas from Vogue Paws Custom Pet Portraits
Also, don't forget about the dog dads, either!

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