Top Gifts For Someone Who Loves Their Furry Friend

Top Gifts For Someone Who Loves Their Furry Friend

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Most people in today’s society love animals. What’s there not to love? Animals, domesticated over tens of thousands of years, have wiggled their way into our homes and right into a special place in our hearts.

When shopping for a pet owner, life gets easier. A huge range of animal-focused products are available and choosing the perfect gift can be daunting. To help you out, we have researched a variety of gift options for the devoted animal lover and put together a list of our favourites! 


WWF Symbolic Adoption Kit

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For the environmentally-friendly animal lover, nothing says you respect their beliefs than a Symbolic Adoption Kit from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Instead of an actual animal, your gift recipient will receive a stuffed plush toy, along with an adoption certificate and species card. Many endangered species are available to choose from and each purchase supports the efforts of the WWF to continue protecting these animals. 

With several packages from $25 to $250 to choose from, your friend gets the gift of knowing that he or she played a part in protecting our planet’s animal inhabitants. 


Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl

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We have all seen how some dogs like to wolf their food down. Gobbling food can lead to dogs experiencing bloat, regurgitation and other health problems. Canine bloat also causes excessive amounts of fluids, food and air to enter the stomach and can even be dangerous.

Outward Hound’s Fun Feeder Slo Bowls are designed to prevent fast eating with the use of meal-lengthening ridges and maze patterns which can slow the eating pace up to 10 times. These bowls keep pooches engaged longer, which improves overall digestion and helps them adapt to a healthier and slower pace of ingesting their food.

Made from BPA, PVC and phthalate-free materials, these dishwater safe bowls come in multiple sizes and patterns. Retails at $19.99! 


Furbo Dog Camera

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The pick of the litter of all gifts for the addicted pet-lover, the Furbo Dog Camera not only streams 1080p full HD videos with 2-way audio so you can yell “NO!” just as pooch is ripping into your shoes, it also features a barking alert that pushes a notification to your phone as barking is detected. 

The fun treat tossing function allows you to remotely treat your dog and stimulate a bored dog throughout the day. 

With the additional Furbo Dog Nanny package, you can set up a range of alerts, record 15-second videos and view a 1-minute time lapse video of your dog’s day. The highlight video saves you hours of time sorting through video recordings yet gives you an accurate idea of what poochie was up to while you were gone.

The Furbo Dog Camera retails at $169 and the Furbo Dog Nanny costs $9.99 a month, or $99 a year. 


Aquapaw Slow Treater Treat-Dispensing Lick Mats

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Bath times don’t have to be stressful for pet owners and pets ever again. Stick peanut butter or smashed food to this FDA grade silicone 7 inch mat, and pop it onto tile or glass with the silicone suction cups. 

When filled with food, the Slow Treater will keep the pet occupied and calm while he’s encountering stressful situations like grooming, nail trimming or baths. Retails at $10.45 from Amazon.


Custom Pet Portrait by Vogue Paws

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The perfect addition to home or office, these custom pet paintings by Vogue Paws are drawn with simplicity and style in one single line. 

Simply choose a design, upload a photo, and you’ll receive proofs for your approval in a few days. You get unlimited revisions until they are sure you love the new canvas painting and they come in several different sizes. Prices start from $99.95.


Glow In The Dark Waterproof Collar With Quick Release

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Safety first! 

Got an active friend that goes on night hikes with their dog? Make sure the dog is visible at all times with this waterproof and fully adjustable collar. 

Handmade in North Carolina, this strength-rated, sturdy collar is available at If It Barks at $29. For an additional $10, engrave customized information like name, special needs, address or phone numbers. 


lesotc Dog Travel Water Bottle

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Who doesn’t like to hike with their dogs and spend time playing outside? Yet dogs can easily overheat, especially on those hot summer days. The lesotc Dog Travel Water Bottle offers a 2-in-1 bottle and bowl. The cap acts as a bowl and you can release the water with the press of a button

The 17-ounce water bottle weighs 18 ounces and has a capacity mark so you know how much water is left. The bottle is made of HDPE stock and the bowl is made of a BPA-free silicone. It only measures 5.5” x 3.5” x 3.5” so it can easily fit in your dog’s travel bag or your purse. 

The top buckle and sealed silicone gasket inside the cover prevents leakages, and the capacity of 18 oz / 520ml ensures that most small and medium dogs can be adequately hydrated during the day. Retails at $15.97 from Amazon.


Fluff Trough and Silicone Insert Set

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The Fluff Trough was designed in 2018 by a pug owner who was trying to help her flat-faced dog eat more easily. 

Great for messy eaters and pets that struggle to eat from traditional pet bowls that are on floor level, this classic design is available in 4 different colours and comes with a matching dishwasher safe silicone insert to make cleaning easy. A set of removable silicone feet help prevent the bowl from sliding across the floor while the pet gobbles down the food. The base of the bowl is 5.5 inches off the ground, and the Fluff Trough is 10 inches wide. It is available from Fluff Trough at $39.99.


Pet Store Gift Card

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When all else fails and you still can’t pick the perfect gift for your pet-loving friend, take a safe path and grab them a pet store gift card. You can bet they frequent pet stores regularly and shop for their furry friends! 

If gift cards from their favourite pet store or groomer aren’t available, go to one of the larger retailers instead. Be sure not to purchase from stores selling actual puppies from puppy mills

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